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Our stories
The Red Thread
Every person at the age of nineteen receives a tag with the name of the one who will become their soulmate - a soulmate. Love and happiness in the world are predetermined by the universe itself. Alice, a student from London, is about to learn the name of her soulmate. But on her nineteenth birthday, things don't go as planned. What will be more important to her - her choice or the will of fate?
The Twilight of Forestville
In the hidden woods of the town people begin to disappear, including Jane's brother. Investigating the disappearance of her brother, the girl gets to the terrible truth. Will Jane be able to save her brother or is the outcome a foregone conclusion?
The Adventures of a Naive Young Lady
A girl lives in a provincial town. After finishing school, she decides to go to the big city to find her vocation and get acquainted with her father, who left the family right after her birth. She arrives at her father's house, but she is not welcome there - she is naive, does not know the rules of communication in high society and constantly gets into ridiculous situations.
One Day Thirteen Years Ago
Events revolve around a girl named Emma, who has a very difficult fate. Suddenly the life of the protagonist changes when she and her friends learn the whole truth. This makes her think about her past and the mystical things that happen in her life. What other secrets will Emma have to uncover to deal with the ghosts of the past?
How I accidentally became the wife of a millionaire
Belle is a quiet and modest girl, a real mouse and a cog in the girls' dormitory of the uni. It would seem that the gray and boring life of a teenager can not present any surprises. In just one night, Belle's life is turned upside down. But is it a gift of fate or a fatal irony?
A Lost Piece
This story is about an extraordinary girl whose genius has never seen the light of day. It would seem that this is the lucky ticket. Akira achieves what she wants by her persistence and gets the coveted title, position and here it is, the moment of happiness, but events begin to develop in a completely different direction....
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